Dolomiti Energia-Pure energy from the Dolomites

Dolomiti Energia-Pure energy from the Dolomites

Another prestigious partnership is added to SEI Elettrotecnica!!

As we all know now, from 1 July 2019 the protected energy market will be abolished with the consequence that everyone will have to sign a contract with a free marketsupplier.
This will result in considerable savings both in terms of light and gas bills, provided that the supplier and the appropriate fare are identified according to their consumer profile.

In view of this, in order to offer a complete energy service, we have activated a partnership with Dolomiti EnergiaSpA and, from now on, we can subscribe to our own light and gas contracts.
This is a strategically sought collaboration, as Dolomiti Energia is perfectly in line with our philosophy, as it distributes 100 renewable electricity and GAS with CO2compensation.


  • We install and maintain in efficiency the state of your photovoltaic plants
  • We install storage batteries for the use of their energy even in the evening
  • The missing energy is picked up by the network from renewable sources

Making Environmentally sustainable choices means thinking about the future of the next generations, but also saving right from the start by identifying the correct profile.
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